Optim8 are resellers of several information security products. The products that we offer are delivered as services and as such easy to get started with.


D-Fence e-Sec services for email protects your business and your colleagues against cyber threats. The service ensures that only verified email reaches you and your peers whilst attack programs, spam and other attacks are stopped. e-Sec also encrypts the transmission of email and secures transmission in the event of network issues. The service also offers protection against DoS and DDoS attacks.

A notable difference between e-Sec and other security services for email is that e-Sec resolves problems as opposed to relaying problems to the end user in the form of quarantines / spam management which results in immediate improvements to data security.


The Easy GDPR service offers organisations an opportunity to cost-effectively, and efficiently, full-fill  its obligations and duties in regard to the EU data protection act. The service also allows for continuous maintenance and tools to show continued adherence and maintenance.

Our readymade templates come with clear instructions to assist you in understanding what data security protection is all about, whilst meeting legislative requirements. The service is divided in easy-to-understand sections. Should you need to, you can also export and print all your captured information into a single report. We assist you in data protection planning and maintenance, whilst the annua cycle and revision templates enable holistic management of data protection.