To identify and define requirements in conjunction with drafting, structuring, assessing and adapting agreements in relation to requirements can be both complex and time consuming. Optim8 has almost 20 years of experience from procurement, framework agreements, call-off agreements, SLA’s and OLA’s. We can assist your organisation with procurement support in Swedish and English based on accumulated experience from small organisations up to large global tendering.


A thorough analysis of requirements to map needs and prerequisites makes it easier to identify suitable solutions, products or services. In addition to methodology we focus extensively on being perceptive around what is being communicated but also to what is not being communicated. This is to weigh insights and opinions to achieve healthy levelling or actual requirements.

Based on analysis of requirements we can assist with requirements specifications, decision material as well as identification, evaluation and recommendations in regards to options.


To negotiate and structure blanket agreements that meet requirements can be both complex and time consuming when ensuring that all parties can manage and deliver according to agreement. Optim8 can assist with framework agreements, call-off agreements, SLA’a, OLA’s and templates. We have extensive experience of close collaboration with legal resources in the development of agreements in the IT sector, both on a national and international basis.


Contact us for assistance with procurement and agreements.