A cookie is a text file that could be saved on your device by the website that you visit. Cookies are used on many web sites to provide access to different functionality. En cookie är en textfil som webbplatsen du besöker begär att spara på din dator. The information stored in a cookie can be used to follow a users browsing habits.

There are two types of cookies. The first type save a file on your device for an extended period of time and is used, for instance, to identify web site news and changes compared to previous visits. The other type of cookie is referred to as a session cookie. While browsing a web site, this type of cookie is stored temporarily in the memory of your device, e,g, to keep track of language choices made. Session cookies are not stored for an extended period of time on your device and dissapears when you shut down your browser. (Source: Post & Telestyrelsen,



To deliver the best possible experience we use both types of cookies. If you choose to block cookies, usage of our web site will be affected accordingly in terms of functionality:

  • It will still be possible to read and view our services and other information, possibly with limited availability



  • Google Analytics – For tracking and statistics regarding site visits. We do not track IP numbers.