We have long and extensive leadership experience and we offer consulting services for short and long term assignments. We work across most industries, so reach out to us if you are in the market for an interim leader or a project manager for instance.

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The definition of the term business development varies. Our work is dependent on context and entails different activities aimed at development and creation of long-term value, for instance relating to organisation, business models, strategy, customers and market.

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In the tech and development segment, we primarily offer web development and e-commerce related services. Feel free to reach out to us if you are in the planning phase, or if already phased with the challenge of offering products and services online.

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We strive for simplicity

focusing on your challenges

We exist to help our customers and alleviate some of their challenges through our experience and knowledge. We believe context is important. As a matter of fact, we believe context is everything. It is your purpose, your operations and your potential challenges placed in context which is important to us. A simple principle often lost in translation in a world that is changing rapidly through digitalisation.

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Daniel Nordström
Optim8 Business Solutions


we work globally and deliver ur services based on customer location

We are active in several parts of the world. Contact us for a discussion on how we can be of assistance based on our service or our network.

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